Brandon Chen

Brandon Chen is an Author/ Producer/ Director of novels, manga, webtoons and narrative games. He is open to writing for other creative mediums as well. With experience as a writer, editor, production manager, teacher and marketer, Brandon has built & led teams of artists to produce serialized stories for established publishers and helped jumpstart story platforms, such as VoyceMe and Dorian. He is also serialized with multiple ongoing series with major publishers, such as WEBTOON, Tapas, & Billibilli.

All of Brandon’s projects are inspired by many works, most of which are shonen or seinen manga. He inspires many by sharing the developmental processes of his manga and other projects, as well as tips for young writers, on social media, where he has over 1+ million followers across various platforms. He has also founded the manga/webtoon studio, Laurel Pursuit, which focuses on developing intellectual property in the eastern comics format. 

His ultimate goal is to get an anime adaptation of one of his intellectual properties before he turns 30.