Bryson Baugus
Known For: Honkai: Star Rail | Attack on Titan | BLUELOCK

Bryson Baugus is a voice actor, singer, and stage actor based out of Dallas, Texas. He is known for voicing the roles of:
Gepard Landau (Honkai: Star Rail) Falco Grice (Attack on Titan) Nagi Seishiro (BLUELOCK) Shoyo Hinata (Haikyu!!) Bell Cranel (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) Kimihito “Darling” Kurusu (Monster Musume)
Takashi Takahashi (Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher?!)
Takumi Aldini (Food Wars)
Kou Mukami (Diobolik Lovers: More Blood) and many others.

In his free time, Bryson also likes to play video games live on Twitch ( and create videos for YouTube (